Agro Delta Op- en Overslag B.V.

Agro Delta Op- en Overslag B.V., founded in 1948, is the first subsidiary of the Agro Delta Groep. On this location grains, fertilizers, feedstuffs and raw materials in bulk and break bulk are stored in warehouses. Furthermore warehouse and office space is leased to third parties at 3 locations in Zwijndrecht. Agro Delta Op- en Overslag B.V. is ISPS, GMP+ and SKAL certified.

Services storage, transhipment and lease of warehouse and office space to third parties
Storage space 48,000 m² (covered)
Products grains, seeds, pulses, fertilizers, feedstuffs and organic raw materials
Packaging bulk or break bulk (pallets/big bags), bagging of product in big bags is possible
Equipment 2 fixed wall cranes, 4 wheel loaders, 2 state-of-the-art sieve systems for fertilizers, 1 weighbridge (70 m.t.), ship loading installation with a capacity of 325 m.t per hour, loading of trucks with wheel loaders, loading of containers (bulk) with conveyor belts, gas detection equipment
Location connected to water and major motorways
Draft 4 meters -/- NAP

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